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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 21, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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inside next on fox 45 45 morning news. a major development in the hit-and-run of the death of a john hopkins student. the person being questioned about police and what the photos reveal about the case. perhaps the predictions were overly optimistic. too little too late, why the swine flu vaccine might not do you any good. what comes up, must come down. what one cafe owner said bye-bye to this iconic bird.
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good morning, and welcome to fox 45 morning news, today is wednesday, october 21st, i'm megan gilliland. patrice harris has the morning off but meteorologist steve fertig is here with us and he has great news for us on this wednesday. usually we're looking forward to friday, but we are going to put the brakes on and enjoy this today. >> we don't want the bus to put the brakes on too long. >> no. >> we want to enjoy the weather today because it's going to be a beautiful day today and tomorrow. i tell you who is ant the bus stop, it's our weather kid waiting in the wings. you will see that we're 50 degrees starting out this day, certainly not as bad as it has been. right now not too bad. west wind at 5 miles an hour. 51 degrees at the current temperature, and that is in baltimore, 44 in salisbury and 44 in hagerstown. the temperatures not as bad as


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